Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An : Uncomfortable : State : of : Mind

To return to a state of anger after such an excitable week is a risk. It tends to attempt to destory the most important elements of the soul, the elements that allow you to remain positive when times are hard as well as the more romantic, poetic features.

Luckily for me I'm not one to remain in such a negative state, I like to let it all go, and that is why writing is important to me. I have a tendancy to bottle up my emotions and feelings. In no way is this an admirable feature to my personality, however it does allow me to nurture a more poetic soul. Something that I greatly appreciate about myself.

I am far from being a simple soul but I like to think that those who know me, appreciate my desire to remain misunderstood. However those personalities with which I clash, tend to be those members of society that frequently express their emotions in the most erratic way. Crying often irritates me, well openly crying anyway.

I am traditional in my views, and I see it as a weakness and inability to cope with ones own feelings. I am sympathetic to those whom I believe to be reasonably upset, however it is not within my nature to attempt to empathise with those less poetic souls who simply outlet their emotions through salty tears and empty words.

My advice is simply, open your soul to a piece of paper, it is the best remedy I know of. With a pen in your hand and your feelings, like a fountain, bursting from your fingertips, you are able to cope with even the most distressing of situations.

I realise I sound like a cold hearted person, and perhaps more of a lone ranger, but my network of friends, although small, are appreciative and appreciated. Not through an exchange of tears at every opportunity, but through our individual ability as poetic souls to express our emotions in a more meaningful way.

Write, dance, sing, strum....no tears. For frick sake, don't cry, there is plenty to live for, and when it starts to rain remember that you will smile again.