Thursday, 14 May 2009

The : Hills : Are : Alive

I'm listening to a couple of her songs whilst I write this, her music is haunting yet comforting. The heavy handed style with which she controls the ivory keys, in the song "Spiracle" reminds me of the style of music you used to get in silent films, enhancing even more the nostalgic and even ghostly atmosphere to her tones. Her voice, whilst delicate is almost pained, perhaps this explains the strange feeling I get deep inside me when her music plays out to me from her myspace page. It is as if she is in my room, not because of the high quality of sound but because the presence in her voice is so very physical, as if she has some sort of contact with my soul. She played in Paris recently and many people recorded an overwhelming sensation whilst attending her concert, a feeling unlike any other that music can encourage, individual to each and every listener, much like their souls, unique. She makes no attempt to conceal her strong Austrian accent, and rightly so, as it adds a complexity to the emotive lyrics with which she paints each note from the piano. Anja Plaschg is definitely an artist that I will be listening to a great deal more often. . . .

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Morning : Streetcleaners

Ahhhh! Got woken up this morning by a ruddy noisy street cleaning machine thingy, not cool. Mind you it wasn't all bad it got me up in time to get to my first lecture of the day, although I was a little disappointed, having thought it was going ot be based on the technique of designing envelopes it was infact some what tedious and lead by a grey haired, long faced, dreary little woman. She is one of those people that takes a relatively standard subject, like pickle, and runs with it for a good three hours, except she is so overwhelmingly boring that she does not run, and instead it is more of a trundle. Trundling through pickle at nine o' clock on a Tuesday morning is, to say the least, not one of my most exhilarating past times.

Today will mostly be spent in bed, I can't seem to shift this ruddy snotty nose and clogged up lungs, and so will be feeling sorry for myself, whilst I snuggle under my duvet with a peppermint tea and watch Amelie on repeat. Sympathy please?!
Anyhoo, the kettle is whistling and the delicate tones of the Amelie theme tune are beginning to fill my cosy little room, I'm off.

Through : the : Wire

The new range of headphones from WESC are freakin shibby,

loads of limited edition designs and not too pricey. My

favourtie are these Oboe Blarney Green ones,(below) if anyone doesn't know

what to get me for Christmas.....hint, hint.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Snish : Music

Liking the sound of this little lot at the moment.

"Snish provide an amped-up mix of My Chemical Romance bombast and Rage Against The Machine riffery. "

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An : Uncomfortable : State : of : Mind

To return to a state of anger after such an excitable week is a risk. It tends to attempt to destory the most important elements of the soul, the elements that allow you to remain positive when times are hard as well as the more romantic, poetic features.

Luckily for me I'm not one to remain in such a negative state, I like to let it all go, and that is why writing is important to me. I have a tendancy to bottle up my emotions and feelings. In no way is this an admirable feature to my personality, however it does allow me to nurture a more poetic soul. Something that I greatly appreciate about myself.

I am far from being a simple soul but I like to think that those who know me, appreciate my desire to remain misunderstood. However those personalities with which I clash, tend to be those members of society that frequently express their emotions in the most erratic way. Crying often irritates me, well openly crying anyway.

I am traditional in my views, and I see it as a weakness and inability to cope with ones own feelings. I am sympathetic to those whom I believe to be reasonably upset, however it is not within my nature to attempt to empathise with those less poetic souls who simply outlet their emotions through salty tears and empty words.

My advice is simply, open your soul to a piece of paper, it is the best remedy I know of. With a pen in your hand and your feelings, like a fountain, bursting from your fingertips, you are able to cope with even the most distressing of situations.

I realise I sound like a cold hearted person, and perhaps more of a lone ranger, but my network of friends, although small, are appreciative and appreciated. Not through an exchange of tears at every opportunity, but through our individual ability as poetic souls to express our emotions in a more meaningful way.

Write, dance, sing, tears. For frick sake, don't cry, there is plenty to live for, and when it starts to rain remember that you will smile again.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Robot : Doodle