Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Morning : Streetcleaners

Ahhhh! Got woken up this morning by a ruddy noisy street cleaning machine thingy, not cool. Mind you it wasn't all bad it got me up in time to get to my first lecture of the day, although I was a little disappointed, having thought it was going ot be based on the technique of designing envelopes it was infact some what tedious and lead by a grey haired, long faced, dreary little woman. She is one of those people that takes a relatively standard subject, like pickle, and runs with it for a good three hours, except she is so overwhelmingly boring that she does not run, and instead it is more of a trundle. Trundling through pickle at nine o' clock on a Tuesday morning is, to say the least, not one of my most exhilarating past times.

Today will mostly be spent in bed, I can't seem to shift this ruddy snotty nose and clogged up lungs, and so will be feeling sorry for myself, whilst I snuggle under my duvet with a peppermint tea and watch Amelie on repeat. Sympathy please?!
Anyhoo, the kettle is whistling and the delicate tones of the Amelie theme tune are beginning to fill my cosy little room, I'm off.

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