Thursday, 14 May 2009

The : Hills : Are : Alive

I'm listening to a couple of her songs whilst I write this, her music is haunting yet comforting. The heavy handed style with which she controls the ivory keys, in the song "Spiracle" reminds me of the style of music you used to get in silent films, enhancing even more the nostalgic and even ghostly atmosphere to her tones. Her voice, whilst delicate is almost pained, perhaps this explains the strange feeling I get deep inside me when her music plays out to me from her myspace page. It is as if she is in my room, not because of the high quality of sound but because the presence in her voice is so very physical, as if she has some sort of contact with my soul. She played in Paris recently and many people recorded an overwhelming sensation whilst attending her concert, a feeling unlike any other that music can encourage, individual to each and every listener, much like their souls, unique. She makes no attempt to conceal her strong Austrian accent, and rightly so, as it adds a complexity to the emotive lyrics with which she paints each note from the piano. Anja Plaschg is definitely an artist that I will be listening to a great deal more often. . . .

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