Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Buying cups of tea for the big issue man

Blurgh. The gym this morning was definitely a bad idea! Went to Oceana last night and it was truly horrific. Men squeezing past girls and girls rubbing themselves against chaps that are innocently wading through the crowd of hormones and push up bras. . . . The music was as equally disturbing as the folk surrounding me, a mixture of quoestionable remixes such as Kings of Leon and Beyonce, make of that what you will. It is hard to write poetically about such a sorry state of affairs, and because of this I will move on.

Have you ever been in love? I'm not sure if I have or not. I have felt a tremendous movement within my soul, a movement for someone. Frightening at first, almost like a part of me was taken away and would only be returned by the presence of that someone. Strange.

To me love has to be forever, although it can get weaker over time, if you let it, it will always be in you somehwere. Love should be running through your hands when you touch that someone, it should be the sparks in yur mind that trigger the adrenaline rush when you imagine that persons face for the most brief of moments. It should be the difference between listening to a song and hearing its meaning. I tend to ramble like this, but I feel the need to roll out these words across this virtual page, perhaps seeking reassurance, perhaps a simple spring clean within my mind, making space for more pointless thoughts.

Today I bought a cup of tea for a man selling big issues in Nottingham outside The Body Shop, with two white sugars. He seemed pretty chuffed by my act of random thoughtfulness. £1.60 is a small price to pay to make someones day that much easier, or at least warm their fingers and toes for a moment. If you have the opportunity, realise your ability to put a smile on the face of a random member of the public. Sometimes a smile is all it takes.

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