Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday : came : round : quickly

Spent today in the gym and wandering through the streets of Nottingham looking for a golf related fancy dress outfit, not a bad day in anyway, but not a particularly exhilarating one either. Happy.

Am sitting in my room listening to a bit of Laura Marling. Her words are soulful, and more often than not relate to my state of mind and current life. Have just spoken to a good and close friend, and will hopefully get the chance to see him on my birthday weekend. Although a brief conversation, his cheeky chappy one liners and general concern are warming to me, I ashamedly feel that I do not appreciate my relationship with him often enough.

The atmosphere is relatively tense, and I find myself unable to share a concern for such trivial matters. I am simply living to the best of my ability, I have no time for grey days or negative thoughts. I am living now, I will worry later.

Have been working on my moodboards today. One for the depiction of the cigarette as a symbol within our society in comparison to a more historical outlook on smoking, and the other for the advance in "Organic" as a trend and fashion. Am very much, not looking forward to the presentation of these moodboards, but will attempt to avoid thinking about it so as not to tye my tummy into too many knots.

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